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Funny Jelly
Funny Jelly

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Serves: 4
1 sachet of sugar free orange jelly (23gr)
1 sachet of sugar free strawberry jelly (23gr)
75gr Low fat soft cheese
100gr Low fat natural yogurt

There is no secret in here, the only thing is, you have to do is to prepare the jelly separate.

In a bow add the orange jelly and add 285ml / 1/2 pint of boiling water, mix well and reserve.

In another bow mix the soft cheese and natural yogurt till smooth consistency, add half of the orange jelly into the soft cheese mix, stir well and reserve.

Add 140ml of cold water in the orange jelly left and distribute into 4 serving glasses and put on the freezer till firm.

Meanwhile make the strawberry jelly (285ml of boiling water and 285ml of cold water) and reserve.

When the orange jelly is firm remove from the freezer and slowly add the soft cheese mix and return to the freezer till firm.

When the 2 layer jelly are firm, remove from the freezer and slowly add the last layer of strawberry jelly and finally leave onto the freezer till firm.

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