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Orange and Yogurt Jelly
Orange and Yogurt Jelly

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Serves: 4
3 oranges
1 lemon
1 pack orange jelly cubes
300g / 10 oz natural yogurt
2 tbsp milk
2 tbsp pomegranate seeds

Cut the rind of one of the oranges and of the lemon into thin strips for the garnish

Squeeze the juice from the three oranges and the lemon. Pour 150ml / 5 fl oz of juice into a measuring jug and add the jelly cubes.

Microwave for 1 minute and stir until the jelly has dissolved. Make the mixture up to 300ml / 10 fl oz with the remaining juice. allow to chill for about 2 hours or until it is just wobbly and on the point of setting.

Reserve 3 tablespoons of the yogurt and whisk the remainder into the jelly. Pour into 4 individual glasses and allow to set in the fridge.

Mix the remaining yogurt with a little milk and pour some on top of each jelly. Serve the jellies in their individual glasses and top with the pomegranate seeds and the citrus rinds.

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