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Toffee Strawberries

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Makes: 20
vegetable oil, for greasing
250g / 9 oz caster sugar
5 tbsp liquid glucose
500g / 1 lb 2 oz strawberries packet of short bamboo satay skewers or ice-lolly sticks (beware of the sharp points of satay sticks if given to children

Cover a baking sheet with foil and oil it lightly. Place a small bowl of cold water and a pastry brush next to the hob.

Pour 100ml / 3 1/2 fl oz water into a heavy-based pan and add the sugar. Stir, then place over a low heat until the sugar is completely dissolved, without further stirring.

Where the sugar has bubbled up inside the pan, wash down with the pastry brush dipped in cold water. (This will prevent crystals forming.) Add the glucose and lower the sugar thermometer into the liquid. Partially cover the pan with a lid and cook over a high heat until the temperature reaches 152ºC / 305ºF or until the mixture turns pale golden. Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly for 2 minutes.

Stick a wooden skewer or ice-lolly stick into the green part (calyx) of the strawberry, then dip and turn the strawberries in the toffee, letting any excess run off. Place the coated strawberries on the foil-covered baking tray and allow to set for about 5 minutes.

Serve immediately as the toffee will start to dissolve after an hour or so.

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